Smart Cities Pilots coming to City of Portland

The city of Portland, Oregon will soon be piloting a pair of AT&T Smart City technology programs.

As we work to make Portland an even smarter and more connected city we’re excited to launch this new collaboration with AT&T,” said Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. “This is significant in helping us build our city’s infrastructure and create new opportunities for local residents. With the integration of AT&T’s Smart City solutions, we will be better positioned to improve traffic and increase public safety.”

The AT&T Digital Infrastructure with Current, powered by GE’s CityIQ will transform some existing lighting infrastructure into a sensor-enabled data network. The sensors will help Portland address issues like traffic flow and parking. Intel IoT technologies power each sensors’ computer vision analytics. Portland will deploy about 200 Digital Infrastructure sensors throughout its Central Eastside area.

What if a street light was capable of more than simply illuminating the street? Imagine a lamp post that could help lower civic costs, increase efficiencies, drive economic growth, engage citizens, and improve city life in ways never imagined. AT&T and Current, powered by GE, have developed a digital infrastructure solution that utilizes existing lighting networks to connect cities across the United States and Mexico to the Internet of Things (IoT). With the ability to help improve transportation, public safety, air quality, pedestrian flow, and parking enforcement, the possibilities are endless on what a Smart Cities Digital Infrastructure can bring to city life.

Portland has 14 bridges that represent vital links to city infrastructure. To help keep the city moving, Portland will also deploy AT&T Structure Monitoring. Working with IBM IoT Cloud, IBM Services and Moniteye, the city will deploy devices on various infrastructure in Portland with LTE-enabled sensors to remotely monitor structural behavior. The sensors, which measure things like temperature, tilt and cracks, also feature alert triggers to capture significant events.


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