Video: Why Build a Smart City?

In this video, city planners describe the challenges facing ever-growing urban centers and how the Smart Cities approach will benefit everyone.

What if a street light was capable of more than simply illuminating the street? Imagine a lamp post that could help lower civic costs, increase efficiencies, drive economic growth, engage citizens, and improve city life in ways never imagined. AT&T and Current, powered by GE, have developed a digital infrastructure solution that utilizes existing lighting networks to connect cities across the United States and Mexico to the Internet of Things (IoT). With the ability to help improve transportation, public safety, air quality, pedestrian flow, and parking enforcement, the possibilities are endless on what a Smart Cities Digital Infrastructure can bring to city life.

AT&T creates Smart Cities that bring together public and private leaders to deploy solutions that improve transportation, safety, and communication across multiple departments in cities across the country.

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