Intel Connected Logistics Platform: Farm to Fork Crop Tracking

In this video from the Global Tech Jam 2018, Shawn Irvine from the City of Independence and Laura Rumbel from Intel present: Intel Connected Logistics Platform.

Service providers in the logistics and transportation industry operate at low margins—three to five percent—which they can improve by using this platform to boost efficiency. Intel is introducing its new Intel Connected Logistics Platform to help you automate shipment tracking and increase shipment visibility (e.g. location, temperature, humidity, mishandling) of high-value goods as they move through the supply chain and to their final destination.

The savings can be substantial, such as detecting product damage early and rerouting the product to avert the cost of a complete, round-trip journey. End customers benefit from getting a jumpstart on implementing a recovery plan. Shippers can also gain a better understanding of the conditions that cause damage, making it possible to mitigate future damage and avoid costly claims.

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