Ranking the TOP100 Smart Cities

While numerous projects on Smart Cities dot the globe, which community is in the lead?

According to a study published by the good folks at EasyPark, the city of Copenhagen has the highest ranking of all the Smart Cities. Singapore and Stockholm come in at number 2 and 3 respectively.

At EasyPark, our ambition is to build more livable cities for the future. It doesn’t matter if you are liberal or conservative, a student or a professional, a smarter city makes urban life easier. We undertook this study not only to highlight those metropolises which are on the forefront of smart urban growth, but also to learn from those cities which are showing impressive acceleration towards making life smoother for their citizens through digitalization.

To start the study, EasyPark first looked at the factors which define a smart city. We discovered that such a city should be digitalized first and foremost—with 4G, plentiful Wi-Fi hotspots and high smartphone usage. Transport and mobility should be knowledge-based, with smart parking, traffic sensors and car sharing apps. A smart city is sustainable, with a focus on clean energy and environmental projection. In addition, there is excellent online access to governmental services and a high level of citizen participation. They then analyzed over 500 cities worldwide for all of these factors, and ranked the top 100 to determine the ultimate Smart City Index. To round off the study, we asked over 20,000 technology and urban planning journalists for their expert opinion on how the cities where they’ve lived are moving with the curve of digitalization.

Big Data has changed the face of the world as we know it, because it allows us to create better solutions to real world problems. Without better solutions, global urbanization would lead to problems such as traffic congestion, housing shortages and pollution—by using Big Data, we can help tackle these important global issues. In our case, we target mobility and help reduce the footprint of driving traffic while creating a much more welcoming experience for drivers.” commented Mauritz Börjeson, CBDO of EasyPark Group. “Every city in this index deserves to be applauded for their efforts, and while the results clearly indicate those cities which are leaps and bounds ahead, it also brings to attention the admirable efforts of many cities looking forward towards a smart future.”

Here are the TOP10 Smart Cities:

  1. Copenhagen
  2. Singapore
  3. Stockholm
  4. Zurich
  5. Boston
  6. Tokyo
  7. San Francisco
  8. Amsterdam
  9. Geneva
  10. Melbourne

Is your town a leading smart city? Check out the 2017 Smart City Index.

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