A Rolling Development Platform for Autonomous Cars

Bobby Hambrick is CEO of Autonomous Stuff.

In this video from SC17 in Denver, Bobby Hambrick from AutonomouStuff describes the company’s rolling development platform for self-driving cars.

AutonomouStuff is the world’s leader in supplying components used within autonomy systems. The company got its start when CEO Bobby Hambrick noticed a large gap in the industry’s supply chain. He realized that robotics company representatives were having a hard time gaining access to the technology needed to solve their applications. He envisioned a place where they could find the products needed to get their projects up and running. That same place would provide the world’s best technologies and world-class services to its customers.”

insideSmartCities: Let’s start at the beginning. Who is autonomous stuff and who do you help?

Bobby Hambrick: AutnomouStuff is a supplier of products and engineering services in everything autonomy to help jumpstart our customers towards the tournament driving.

insideSmartCities: What are you doing here at a supercomputing show?

Bobby Hambrick: Supercomputing and autonomous driving go hand in hand of course. So the cars themselves are like big smartphones on wheels. There’s lots and lots of data coming in. There’s lots of crunching of of this data that needs to happen which requires a lot of processing power.

insideSmartCities: You know the plenary session thing that opened up this conference was about smart cities and products like yours fit into that.

Bobby Hambrick: Yes. So again we supply all these individual components that help enable autonomous driving. And of course those go on some type of vehicle something on wheels that go then go into a smart city. So the idea is that the cars are also smart. They communicate with everything that’s smart instead of the city as well. So we’ve had a physical we’ve got one here.

insideSmartCities: Is this a working prototype or a product?

Bobby Hambrick: So one of the things that we do is we build automated driving research vehicles. We have built hundreds of them in the last couple of years to all the big companies that you can think of and they use them for developing their software for automated driving. So this is one example of an automated driving research vehicle that we provide to our customers and it just happens to be small enough to fit in this booth which is why it’s here. But we make them — from trucks to small golf carts and everything in the middle.

insideSmartCities: How far away is this until I start seeing these things on the street like in cities like Portland?

Bobby Hambrick: Yeah I mean why now we built hundreds of them that are driving around in the street during testing collecting data and so forth. I think that as a consumer you’ll see it’s starting be deployed next year in certain fenced areas in certain urban areas.

insideSmartCities: Bobby, this is very exciting for me to see this in person. Congratulations on being at SC17.

Bobby Hambrick: Thank you.



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